• What is EcoBeauty Passport?

    A subscription package that offers convenient shopping with free deliveries, shopping discounts, shopping privileges with loads of savings and exclusive offers and Priority Privilege with priority order processing.

  • How do I get on Board?

    To subscribe EcoBeauty Passport you need to register an account at our e-store.

    Existing Customer:

    • Click "login" if you have an existing e-store account.
    • Go to EcoBeauty Passport page and click “Your Journey Starts Here” and you will be lead to the payment page.

    New Customer:

    • You will have to click "register" to first create an account at our e-store.
    • Go to EcoBeauty Passport page and click “Your Journey Starts Here” and you will be lead to the payment page.

    Once payment succesfull you will receive a Succesfully Subscribed Confirmation at both our website and via your registered email. 

  • Where is EcoBeauty Passport available?

    Exclusively at THE FACE SHOP Malaysia online store and we only deliver within Malaysia.

  • How do I redeem EcoBeauty Passport Rewards?
    • Login to your account at THE FACE SHOP Malaysia e-store, rewards would appear along the checkout process. Add your shopping items to the cart by clicking 'Add to Bag'.
      Note: All Rewards can only be redeemed upon purchase of an item.
    • Click on "View My Cart"
    • When you are ready to place your order; click on "Checkout Now"
      Note: If you are newly registered an account with us you will be required to fill in your full details before checkout.


  • How can I redeem Welcome Gift and what are the content of the Welcome Gift?

    Welcome gift will be automatically appear at your cart when you place your first order after subscribed to EcoBeauty Passport.

    Welcome gift is the product redemption of LG Household & Health Care Malaysia with minimum retail value worth RM150 or more.

  • How can I redeem Free Gifts?
    • You can redeem your gift 6 times within the validity of your EcoBeauty Passport Subscription package. 
    • You can choose to redeem (1) in each purchase order until fully redemption.
    • Free Gift Options will be refresh quarterly.
    • During checkout time, there is a gentle reminder under "My Total Summary" page. Click on the link and select your gift and proceed to "Checkout Now".

    Redeem your gift and click check out

  • How can I enjoy 8 times Free Delivery?

    After Checkout > "Shipping Checkout", to enjoy Free Shipping select EcoBeauty Standard Shipping and proceed for payment.

    Note: Standard shipping fee is RM10 for West Malaysia and RM20 for East Malaysia for orders below RM200

  • How can I enjoy RM50 Cash Credit?

    After Checkout > Shipping Checkout > Click "Redeem" EcoBeauty Passport RM50 Store Credit at Payment Details and select your payment method > Click "Pay Now" to check out.

    Note: RM50 store credit is valid for 30days only, login and go to "my account" to click "view" your EcoBeauty Passport subscription to check the expiry date.

  • How can I redeem my RM30 birthday credit?
    • RM30 Birthday Reward will be automatically appear during the checkout process for one (1) time use on your birthday month only.
    • You can also login and go to "my account" to click "view" your EcoBeauty Passport subscription to check the RM30 birthday reward redemption period.
    • Please ensure your DOB filled correctly and we will send you a birthday reminder via email & sms 1 month in advance to ensure you don't miss your birthday reward!

  • How can I enjoy Extra 10% Discount?

    You may add your favorite items into cart, and choose to redeem 10% discount.

    10% discount is applicable on top of running promotions, limit to 5 times redemption.

    After click on "Redeem" button:

  • How do I check my Redemption Balance?

    Checking your redemption balance is quick and easy! Login and go to click on "EcoBeauty Passport Icon" and you will see your subscription package details.


  • Can EcoBeauty Rewards use together in Offline Store?

    No. EcoBeauty Passport are exclusive to Online Members.

  • Can I request for Installment to subscibe in EcoBeauty Passport?

    No. There is only one-time off payment once you subscribed to EcoBeauty Passport and 1 year validity from the date of your subscription.

  • Can I request for termination once I subscribed to EcoBeauty Passport?

    No. We do not allow any refund once you subscribed to EcoBeauty Passport.

ECO Beauty Passport