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belif Youth Creator - Age Knockdown Water Essence
belif Youth Creator - Age Knockdown Water Essence
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Anti-aging water essence that enhances skin’s basic strength to protect it from the attack of aging factors for a strong, radiant, healthy skin base.

120 ml

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fmgt cosmetic pouch

Pre-Step to fight against aging!

Before entering into full scale anti aging skincare routine, a pre step is needed to increase the basic strength of skin.

Key Benefits:

1. Firm skin barrier care

Water serum that creates healthy skin with its elasticity & moisturizing care for firm skin barrier, the key to skin’s basic

2. Clear and revitalized skin

Water serum that clarifies and revitalizes skin with its amino acid L serine that clears skin tone and evens out skin texture

3. Anti oxidant & cell activation

Essence that activates skin cell and has anti oxidant effect to protect skin from external stressors


  • A moisturizing, silky water type essence with a firming texture
  • Smooth, comfortable application with dewy moisture that is delivered deep into skin
  • Non sticky dewy moisture and nourishment for a firm finish leaving skin feeling energized
  • Creates the feeling of a smooth moisture film for long lasting moisture

Main Ingredients:

Glasswort: Moisturized skin through moisture supply

  • Confirmed efficacy of increase in hyaluronic acid synthesis

Winter Aster & Water Pennywort: Firm skin through caring for elasticity factors

  • Confirmed efficacy of increase in collagen and elastin synthesis

Napiers Original formula: 

Vital skin through cell activation efficacy

  • Napiers Original formula consists of Oat seed, Marigold flower, Catnip flowering tops, Raspberry leaf, Wild indigo root, Chickweed herb
  • Confirmed increase of cell activation and helps skin become vital
  • Confirmned effect in removing active oxygen with its anti oxidant and cell activation effects

Skin protection through active oxygen care

  • Helps remove ROS (reactive oxygen species)
  • By removing ROS, it keeps skin energized and helps it counteract the harmful environment
  • Confirmed anti oxidant efficacy that removes ROS and cell activation efficacy


  • Use as a ‘pre essence’ step
  • Use as a layering watery essence to moisturize dry, rough skin condition. For extra moisturizing care, dampen cotton pad and place it on dry areas for 5~10 minutes
  • Use to even out skin texture and to gently care of dead skin cells using a cotton pad. Wipe along the skin texture
  • Pair it with Age Knockdown Bomb that deliver concentrated care, provides deeply absorbs into the skin and deliver quicker result in skin improvement!
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