DEAR PACKER is a specialist in all types of masks with hypoallergenic ingredients. Derived from the name dear-backpacker or dear-pack-er, the brand is about enthusiasts of masks, as how a backpacker is an enthusiast of travel. DEAR PACKER produces wonderful products with packaging that are influenced by the symbolic aesthetics of different countries. Like world travelers, customers who enjoy mask packs can find special skincare secrets from all over the world.



Outstanding Effects

Prompt and definite effects with special skin care of beauty recipes from around the globe.


Safe Ingredients

Mask pack that consumers can trust thanks to safe ingredients + completed skin irritation tests.


Gorgeous Aroma

Exclusive and pleasant created from delicate blending of Scent Berry Perfume House.


Refined Design

Delightful surprise thanks to the refined design that is also good enough to become an interior item.

ECO Beauty Passport