Who We Are

BEYOND THE REMEDY pursues beauty using root energy. The root symbolizes the origin of life as it delivers purified moisture and nutrition to the plant. The brand uses Root Therapy Complex™ and Root Drop™ patented technology to deliver nutrients to the skin in the most efficient method. It also uses only ingredients earned through Happy Root Extract™ that does not harm live plants while extracting medicinal components from their roots.


We deliver truth with sincerity.
The health of the root reveals itself as they give life to green leaves beautiful flowers and sweet fruits.

The Remedy brings the sincerity of the root to give safe ingredients for healthy skin.

We even see beauty that is not visible.
Do not admire nature which you can only see under the ground there exist a world as vast as above ground.

The Remedy tries to understand from what is visible to invisible skin concerns with mind healing energy to relieve stress and deeply rooted skin concerns.
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