As Korea's pioneer beauty company committed to nature, THE FACE SHOP creates products from approximately 600
natural ingredients such as flowers, grains, plants, fruits, mineral water, and oriental medicine to nourish and revitalize the skin.

Launched in 2003 as Korea's pioneer beauty brand committed to nature and with a global presence of 3,000 stores in 35 countries including
USA, Canada and Middle East, THE FACE SHOP is the most commercially successful and recognizable Korean brand with its famous tagline 'Natural Story'.

THE FACE SHOP arrived in Malaysia in 2006 and grew under the direction of branding and retail specialist
LG HOUSEHOLD & HEALTH CARE MALAYSIA SDN. BHD . THE FACE SHOP has more than 50 stores across Malaysia up till 2021.

Our Core Value
THE FACE SHOP is inspired by nature and believes that there is natural beauty to everyone. Our core values are :
THE FACE SHOP products are made with natural ingredients.
THE FACE SHOP provides high quality products at affordable prices.
THE FACE SHOP is committed to making a wide variety of products that customers want.
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