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Herb Day 365 Amino Acid Vegan Facial Foaming Cleanser Peony
Herb Day 365 Amino Acid Vegan Facial Foaming Cleanser Peony
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Enriched with a skin-friendly, amino acid-derived cleansing formula, the low-irritating vegan cleansing foam ensures a mild & moisturizing cleansing experience and improves cleansing results.

Size: 170ml



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Features & Benefits:

• A low-irritating cleansing foam with excellent cleansing power while leaving skin both clean and hydrated

• A skin-friendly formula with '100% amino acid-derived cleansing base' (soap-free / sulfate-free)

• Gentle, low-irritating cleansing - contains 7 herb extract complex & cica solution formula

• Provides superior soothing and skin improvement effects

• Containing Paeoniflorin, the key active ingredient in peony, a herb with strong anti-inflammatory & antioxidation effects

• Paeoniflorin is an ingredient found in the peony’s root, which is known to have pain relief and soothing effects


✓ Vegan-certified by the Korean Vegan Certification Union

✓ Dermatologically tested

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