Who We Are

"In Edinburgh, Scotland, one can find Napiers, the country's oldest medicinal herb clinic, with more than 150 years of history and expertise in the field of herbal medicine.

With skin-loving formulas created based on Napiers' traditional herbal processing methods, belif brings together age-old concoctions with LG's cutting-edge skincare technology to bring you an extensive lineup of fuss-free products that say what they do, and do what they say."


Brand name was derived from the word, "believe," to embody the brand's pursuit of the ultimate truth for your skin.

Sharing the same pronounciation as "belif", belif represents 'trust' and 'commitment' to deliver the highest quality in 'ingredients', 'formulation', 'safety' and 'benefits' for customers


Believe in the truth! belif believes in the 'value of honesty' and 'power of the truth' belif's slogan symbolizes the brand's determination and hope of fulfilling its commitment to the customers.
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