Who We Are

"TO"(towards) + "MARU"(top). TOMARU means creating a high beauty standard. TOMARU encapsulates all the goodness of Korea by using indigenous plants grown in the pristine environment of Korea’s provinces. TOMARU uses 6 native ingredients as a base for its skincare and the special ingredient that completes the formula will be stated on the product’s packaging, including the province of where it was harvested from.

TOMARU merges modern technology with traditional Korean guru recipe to produce a wide range of skincare that is gentle yet potent.


Tomaru logo is spelt in English on top and stylized Korean characters at the bottom. Hand symbol represents the 'power of local herb ingredients from Korea'. The capital letter "L" on the wrist means ‘Local’. The brand uses only very precious ingredients from Korea and processes those ingredients in their freshest condition in Korea right after harvest.

Pure and clean water with energy of nature

Jeju Spring Water

A flower grown in high mountains

Mountain Hydrangea

Small bamboo grown in Jeju Island

Sasa Quelpaertensis

Grows in the rocky wilderness


Flower rising and blooming toward the sky

Snake Gourd

West Sea mud flat, one of the 5 Sea Mud with highest quality in the world