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THE FACE SHOP x How To Train Your Dragon All Over Perfumed Mist 120ml - Secret Bloom Refreshing & Floral Daily Fragrance
THE FACE SHOP x How To Train Your Dragon All Over Perfumed Mist 120ml - Secret Bloom Refreshing & Floral Daily Fragrance
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Introducting THE FACE SHOP x How to Train Your Dragon Limited Capsule Collection

Fresh & Versatile Fragrance: Combines the benefits of "refreshing extracts" and "versatile" into a clear statement.
Bergamot:A light, citrusy scent with a slightly floral and peppery undertone.
Mandarin:A sweeter and fruitier citrus scent compared to bergamot.
Peony Blossom:A delicate, soft floral scent with a slightly powdery nuance.
Rose: A classic floral scent that can range from sweet and fresh to deep and velvety.

• Indulge in a captivating blend of florals and herbs.
• The Face Shop All Over Perfume Mist Secret Bloom offers a fresh and long-lasting fragrance with a touch of sweet mystery.
• This versatile mist, infused with a botanical blend of basil, jasmine, rose, and peach, can be used on hair, body, and anywhere else you crave a touch of scent

Alcohol: This is a common ingredient in perfume mists that helps disperse the fragrance and allows it to dry quickly.
Water: This is likely the main ingredient.
Fragrance Oils: These create the specific scent ("Secret Love") of the mist, likely containing a blend of various aroma chemicals and essential oils.
Botanical Extracts: The description mentions extracts of jasmine, rose & peach. These might be included in small quantities for their scent or potential skin-soothing properties.

How to Use:
• Layer with other products: For a longer-lasting scent, layer your body mist with a lotion or body cream that has a complementary fragrance. Apply the lotion first, then mist on top.
• Reapply throughout the day (optional): Body mists typically have a lighter concentration of fragrance compared to perfumes. If you want a stronger scent throughout the day, reapply as needed to pulse points. However, be mindful of overdoing it.

Store properly: Keep your body mist in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat. This will help preserve the fragrance's quality.

Target specific areas: You can also mist your hair for a subtle scent that lingers
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