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Yehwadam First Serum
Yehwadam First Serum
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A moisture anti-aging serum to build up a healthy skin structure.

140 ml

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First Serum replenishes Qi (vital energy) to enhance skin’s inner strength, revitalizes skin by delivering intensive hydration, and prepares skin by boosting product absorption for the next skincare steps!

Main Ingredients:

1. Gyu Hwa Bang, a special remedy for revitalizing skin

Ginseng- A representative medicinal herb that replenishes vital energy, which has long been called as 'Divine Grass'

Safflower- One of the 10 greatest herbal medicines with its beautiful floriography , ‘Gold
of Plant’

Goji Berry- the ultimate herbal medicine for eternal youth

2. Water Lily, protects the skin from aging and replenishes moisture

Historically a symbol of purity, purifies and detoxifies, soothes the skin against
irritations while providing a moisturizing effect, and helps balance cell renewal in the skin

3. Pine Tree Leaf, a booster ingredient by helping blood circulation

Helps to build up a healthy skin by relieving external stimulations and boosts the
blood circulation of skin to maximize the absorption of next step skincare products


1. Use at the first step of skincare, take moderate amount and apply gently along the skin texture in the morning and at night.

2. Pat gently to have better absorbtion.

3. To solve dry skin, soak cotton pads in the essence, place the pads on the spots and remove it after 3 minutes as a treatment.

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