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Dr Packer Vita Lightening Shot Mask
Dr Packer Vita Lightening Shot Mask
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A highly nourishing injection therapy mask that contains dermatological IV ingredients in a single sheet that solves skin concerns quickly and easily

Function: Anti-Wrinkle 


Essential Nutrition BoosterTM 6,000ppm

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Skin similar bio-water, Vital BlendsTM

LG Skin Science Research Institute has been studying skin-friendly mechanisms and created an evolutionary bio-water simulator that contains amino acids, peptides, monosaccharides etc which are the source of skin activity and control the skin’s condition. This naturally absorbs to skin and not only controls skin’s balance but quickly restores skin that is irritated from the external environment

Sheet Features:

-Soft second-skin sheet
-Very soft sheet that wraps the skin to deliver a smooth, soft texture like ones own skin.
-Seamlessly fits on the curves of the face without any irritation


-Amino acid
Essential for rejuvenating aged skin
Supplies nutrients to each cell, and promotes collagen and elastin synthesis

-Plant Placenta
Suppresses melanin production and gives excellent anti-oxidant effects

-Omega 369TM
Mixture of flaxseed oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil that has excellent antioxidant effects

1. Apply toner on the face after cleansing
2. Take out the sheet, unfold and place on the face
3. Open the cap under the pouch and take essence that
comes out to reapply on dryer areas of skin
4. Leave on for about 15~20 minutes and remove the mask
5. Pat on the remaining formula on the face for better

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