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Arsainte Eco-therapy Tonic With Essential
Arsainte Eco-therapy Tonic With Essential
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Eco hydration line where baby bamboo water makes skin fresher, and eco-certified golden palm oil replenishes skin with more moisture

225 ml

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  • Contains baby bamboo extract instead of water
  • Formula without 7 additives. A mild toner that contains baby bamboo water delivers pure moisture into the skin while double the amount of golden palm oil creates a moisture protection barrier for optimal balance for long lasting moisturized skin
  • More than 94% natural derived ingredients
  • Formula without 7 additives for sensitive skin
  • 7 free formula: Paraben, ethanol, mineral oil, artificial pigment, raw animal ingredients, benzophenone, TEA
  • Contains 91.6% baby bamboo water

Upgraded Points

  • 100% baby bamboo water instead of water
  • 2 times more golden palm oil than before


  • baby bamboo extract and golden palm oil are properly balanced for moisturized, smooth application that absorbs without any stickiness leaving the skin moisturized and fresh

Product Feature

  • Shaking type of essential tonic where essential oils and natural oils are floating on top of the toner
  • Uses the minimum amount of surfactants for a mild formula
  • Dermatologically tested
  • A new concept tonic that divides toner and oil into 2 layers for high content of essential oil that regular toners cannot have 
  • Uses eco-certified 100% baby bamboo extract instead of water
  • Eco-friendly formula increases skin affinity


Contains golden palm oil

   - Increased the amount of golden palm oil by 100% compared to existing product

   - Rich in unsaturated fatty acids (ω-3, 6, 9) and oil soluble vitamin E (Tocopherol)

   - Strengthens horny layer (stratum corneum) barrier, provides nutrition and helps bioactivity

Tonic with Essentials:

  • Glycerin: Moisturizing ingredient, improves skin’s moisturizing ability
  • Betaine: Amino acid moisturizing ingredient derived from plants, moisture holding ability
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